Worship Team interest form


Spiritual Preparation. You cannot lead appropriately in our worship team without regular interaction with God during the week. We trust that your love for God and worshipping Him privately is what has brought you to lead in worshipping Him publicly. As leaders on stage who create an atmosphere of freedom in worship for the congregation, we encourage exuberant, invigorated expressions of worship (e.g. Ex. 15, 2 Sam. 6, and Rev. 5). God is simply too great to justify anything less. Your praying, singing, praising, and playing during corporate worship should always excite and encourage others to draw near to God in a similar manner.

A Lifestyle of Worship. Worship should permeate every aspect of the Christian life and should not be relegated to Sunday mornings. We trust that you are wholeheartedly committed to offering the entirety of your existence as a living sacrifice to God (Rom. 12:1). As a worship leader for Grace Bible Church, all of your words, thoughts, actions, and relationships (both inside and outside of the church) should point others to Christ. By being selected to participate in this ministry, we believe that you are an individual of integrity and devotion to the Lord. It is our hope that you continue to grow and lead both Christians and non-Christians with your lifestyle of worship.

Musical Preparation. All band members should demonstrate intimate knowledge of music and song structures at the rehearsal, as this is essential to a successful and efficient practice. Musical excellence in practice is the best possible preparation for leading the congregation in worship. Unprepared individuals will inhibit the group’s progress at rehearsal. With adequate individual preparation, the band can focus on polishing and group dynamics at rehearsal, rather than individual parts.

Maintaining Unity. Scripture relates the unity of the church to the individual christians’ walk with God (Phil. 2). Because of this every person who confesses Christ as their savior should strive to come together with other Christians in unity brought by the Holy Spirit.

Gear. You are also responsible for investing in your own set of in-ears. We recommend waiting until after your audition trial period is over. For more information about in-ears, talk to your worship pastor.